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Grief & Loss Aromatherapy Support Consultation

Grief & Loss Aromatherapy Support Consultation

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Introducing "Grief and Loss" Aromatherapy Support Consultations:

In our heart-centered aromatherapy support consultations, we create a safe and nurturing space for you to navigate your journey of grief and loss. Our sessions are designed to address both your emotional and physical concerns, acknowledging the unique nature of your experience while providing compassionate support.

During the consultation, we encourage open conversation, allowing you to express your feelings, memories, and challenges. We will actively listen and provide a compassionate ear, validating your emotions and experiences without judgment. Together, we will explore any areas where aromatherapy can offer support, both emotionally and physically.

Identifying your specific needs, we will craft bespoke aromatherapy blends tailored specifically to support you on your healing journey. These blends will be crafted with the utmost care and intention, taking into consideration the properties of essential oils known for their abilities to soothe grief, uplift the spirit, and promote emotional well-being.

After the appointment, we will lovingly prepare your personalised blends and send them directly to your doorstep. These blends will be your tangible support, carefully formulated to provide comfort, solace, and balance in your daily self-care rituals. Alongside the blends, you will receive detailed instructions on how to incorporate them effectively and mindfully into your routine.

Our "Grief and Loss" Aromatherapy Support Consultations provide a holistic and personalised approach to address your emotional and physical well-being during this challenging time. Let us support you as you navigate through grief, offering a gentle and nurturing path forward, one breath at a time.


During the 60-minute initial consultation, I'll carefully listen to your needs and concerns, offering compassionate support and guidance. Together, we will identify areas where aromatherapy can be of assistance, allowing me to create bespoke blends suited to your specific situation. The cost for the initial appointment, which includes the tailored blends, is £50.


For follow-up appointments, lasting 30 minutes, we'll review your progress, address any new developments, and adjust the blends if necessary. The cost for follow-up appointments, also including the tailored blends, is £30.

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