Treatments & Services


Holistic Massage

An intuitive style of massage to encourage relaxation, release tension and bring calm to the mind & body. Holistic massage incorporates slow gentle rhythmical strokes and stretches, deep tissue techniques and acupressure depending on what your body is in need of. Fully tailored to support how you feel on the day. Depending on your treatment length, enjoy either a full body treatment or to focus on areas that need extra support.


45 minutes/ £50

60 minutes/ £65

90 minutes/ £85

30 minutes / £35 (available when combined with an add-on treatment or facial


Aromatherapy Massage

A beautiful treatment for the body & mind.A combination of pure essential oils and base oils are selected and blended to your needs. Used within a relaxing holistic massage, incorporating slow rhythmic massage techniques and gentle stretching.


45 minutes/ £55

60 minutes/£70

90 minutes/£90

30 minutes / £40 (only available when combined with an add-on or facial)


Pregnancy Massage

A safe and relaxing treatment for mum-to-be and baby. This gentle massage provides a space for you to rest and soothe your tired muscles in a supportive and comfortable position. Whether you need help to ease pregnancy aches & pains, a calm space to quieten the mind or just a chance to be pampered, each massage will be personally tailored to support your wellbeing during this special time.


60 minutes/ £70

90 minutes/ £90

Pregnancy massage can be enjoyed from your 2nd trimester


Crystal Healing Massage 

A wonderfully relaxing & balancing massage to calm the mind, ease stress and leave you with a sense of peace. This is unlike a traditional massage for the muscles, but more about balancing the body, aura and spirit. The whole body is massaged using a calming aromatherapy oil blend, then a mix of smooth crystals are used over the body, with slow massage strokes and gentle pressure according to your bodies needs and wants. Leaving you with a deeply calmed and balanced mind, body and spirit. 


60 minutes £70

90 minutes £90


Anja Chakra Head Massage

A perfect combination of aromatherapy, head massage and reiki. Stress reducing essential oils are applied to the head, neck, shoulders and face with relaxing massage techniques & acupressure. Helping to ease tension while removing energy blockages in the third eye and crown chakras.

45 minutes £50


Holistic Facial

A luxurious facial treatment tailored to your skins needs. Starting with a double cleanse to remove make up grime and built up dirt. Followed by a herbal steam to open the pores and an exfoliatior to remove dead cell build up, before applying a clay mask to draw out impurities. A relaxing facial massage provides a wonderful sense of pampering before finishing with a herbal toner and tailored moisturiser.


60 minutes £70

90 minutes £90

Add a facial onto your massage ~

30mins/ £30

45 mins / £40

60 mins/ £50


Rest & Restore Ritual

A dreamy combination of our full body aromatherapy massage and a holistic facial. A beautiful treatment package to help you truly unwind and relax to the max. Following your consultation, your bespoke aromatherapy oil blend will be used to bring your treatments together as one.

£120 (120 minutes)


High Frequency Facial

Starting with a herbal steam. A double cleanse is performed to thoroughly remove all makeup grime and dirt from the skin. Once an oxygenating cream has been applied, High Frequency current is then worked over the entire face concentrating on any areas of concern. Lymphatic drainage massage helps to boost circulation and toxin removal, before serums and a moisturiser to match your skin type are applied to finish off this amazing oxygenating treatment. 


60 minutes £70

90 minutes £90


High Frequency Body Treatment

A cleansing & protective treatment for areas effected by hormonal acne. A tailored cleanse, herbal steam, exfoliation and mask. Followed by a high frequency electrical treatment to provide a protective antibacterial barrier on the skin.

Areas offered: 

Back, Neck & Shoulders 

Buttocks & Upper thighs


One area £70

Two areas £90


Treatment add ons

A little extra treat for when your regular treatment just isn't quite enough.

Soothing foot MassageA deeply relaxing & grounding combination of massage, acupressure & stretches. The gorgeous aromatherapy balm will leave your feet smelling fresh and feeling deeply moisturised.

15 minutes/ £10 

30 minutes/£20

Neck & Scalp MassageA soothing massage adapted from Indian head massage techniques. Incorporating gentle strokes, acupressure, hair pulling and stretches to ease stress & headaches and reduce tension in the neck and jaw.

15 minutes/ £10

30 minutes/£20

Facial Massage & GuaShaA deeply relaxing massage designed to boost circulation, promote lymphatic flow and encourage relaxation in the facial muscles. Calming and nurturing for the skin and the mind while bringing back your beautiful rosy glow.

15 minutes / £10

30 minutes/ £20


Hopi Ear Candles

A soothing treatment for the ears & head, helping to reduce wax build up, tension headaches and to ease conditions effecting the ear, nose & throat.

A calming candle treatment will be performed on each ear, then followed by a relaxing face, neck & scalp massage to help boost circulation, further breakdown sinus build up and aid lymphatic drainage and toxin removal.

(For conditions like labyrinthitis a course of 3-4 treatments is recommended for best results.)

£40 (45 minutes)

Course of 4 treatments - £140


Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing therapy uses a combination of crystals and energy healing to balance the chakras and bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. Perfect for those needing a less invasive treatment to bring help during difficult times, ease stress and anxiety or physical healing for the body. Chakra crystals specifically for you are placed within the chakra area, to remove energy blocks, then an aura cleanse is completed, to repair the aura and bring peace and harmony back to the body and mind.


45 minutes/ £50

60 minutes/ £70

75 minutes/ £80


Wellbeing Consultations & Bespoke Blending

During your consultation, we'll create a one-of-a-kind aromatherapy plan designed just for you. Whether it's for hormone balance, menstrual comfort, stress relief, pelvic health or boosting confidence, our bespoke blends and treatments are your secret to a more empowered, holistically healthier you.

For distance clients this will be in the form of product and online support. If you're more local you may like to incorporate some hands on therapy too.


Initial 60 minute session £50

Follow up session £30

Clinic Hours:
Monday & Thursday: 9.30am - 6pm
Based at Circus Health Bath
Tuesday & Wednesday: 9.30am - 2.30pm
In my home treatment cabin in Melksham. Pop me a message for a local discount code for Melksham.
(A small amount of evening & weekend appointments are available in Melksham by request. 
Please be aware these are extremely popular and run on a waiting list.
If you'd like to be added to the waiting list and to be notified of any availability please ask.)
Payment methods -
I accept both cash and card payments.
Bank transfer is accepted, but payment needs to be completed before leaving your appointment.
As a ‘thank you’, following your sixth treatment, you will receive a £25 discount on your next appointment.
(Not available on treatment courses)
Cancellation policy -
I understand life can bring on the unexpected & sometimes things are beyond our control.
Should you need to cancel an appointment, I ask that you do so with 24 hours notice.
Any less and I will likely be unable to fill the appointment.
In this instance I may have to charge you for the full session.
Thank you for your respect and understanding.
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WhatsApp: 07585866132
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