The Healing Hub

At The Healing Hub, our mission is to create a sanctuary where you can nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Each of our services is designed to support you on your journey to holistic wellness. We invite you to explore our offerings and discover the profound benefits they can bring to your life. Join us as we embark on this journey of healing and transformation together.



Holistic Harmony Massage

Indulge in our Holistic Harmony Massage, a bespoke experience designed to envelop you in tranquility, release deep-seated tension, and bring serenity to both body and mind. This intuitive massage combines slow, gentle rhythmic strokes, soothing stretches, deep tissue techniques, and acupressure, perfectly tailored to your unique needs.
Every session is customized to align with your state of being on the day, offering either a comprehensive full-body treatment or focusing on specific areas requiring extra care. Discover a journey of relaxation and renewal that leaves you feeling balanced and blissfully relaxed.

Treatment Options:
60 minutes / £60
90 minutes / £85 


Aromatherapy Bliss Massage

Immerse yourself in the Aromatherapy Bliss Massage, a luxurious escape that harmonises body and mind through the artful use of aromatic essential oils. Each session is a personalised journey, combining soothing massage techniques with the calming and invigorating benefits of bespoke essential oil blends. Whether you seek deep relaxation or revitalisation, this treatment is tailored to your unique needs, enveloping you in a fragrant and tranquil embrace that rejuvenates your senses and melts away stress. 

Treatment Options:
60 minutes / £60
90 minutes / £85 


Maternity Bliss Massage

Pamper yourself with our Maternity Bliss Massage, a safe and soothing treatment designed for both you and your baby. This gentle massage offers a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, easing tired muscles and alleviating pregnancy-related aches in a supportive and comfortable position. Whether you’re seeking relief from physical discomfort, a tranquil space to calm your mind, or simply a moment to be nurtured, each session is personally tailored to enhance your well-being during this special time.

Treatment Options:
60 minutes / £60
90 minutes / £85
Enjoy this nurturing experience from your second trimester onwards. 


Anja Chakra Head Massage

Experience profound relaxation with our Anja Chakra Head Massage, an exquisite fusion of aromatherapy, head massage, and Reiki. Soothing essential oils are gently applied to your head, neck, shoulders, and face, accompanied by calming massage techniques and acupressure. This treatment not only eases tension but also harmonises your energy flow by removing blockages in the third eye and crown chakras, promoting clarity and inner peace.

Treatment: 45 minutes / £45


Luxury Holistic Facial

Indulge in opulence with our Luxury Holistic Facial, a bespoke treatment tailored to your skin's desires. Begin your journey with a divine cleanse, banishing impurities and unveiling your natural radiance. Luxuriate in the caress of a herbal steam, gently coaxing pores to reveal their luminous secrets. Delight as we sweep away dullness with an exquisite exfoliation, paving the path for our divine clay mask to purify and rejuvenate. Drift into serenity with a heavenly facial massage, transporting you to a realm of pure relaxation. Finishing with a personalised moisturiser, leaving your skin aglow with the essence of luxury.

Treatment Options:
60 minutes / £60
90 minutes / £85


High Frequency Facial Rejuvenation

Awaken your skin's vitality with our High-Frequency Skin Revival Facial. Experience the transformative effects of a deep cleanse, harnessing the power of high-frequency waves to purify and rejuvenate. Luxuriate in the indulgence of a skin-loving mask, restoring radiance and luminosity. Drift into bliss as skilled hands deliver a rejuvenating massage, melting away tension and stress. Finally, lock in moisture with our sumptuous moisturiser, leaving your skin radiant, refreshed, and utterly revitalised.

Treatment: 60 minutes / £60


Herbal Back Cleanse

Embark on a journey of indulgence with our Herbal Back Cleanse, designed to dissolve tension and renew vitality. The experience begins with a deep cleanse, followed by the soothing embrace of a herbal steam. Invigorate your senses with an exhilarating exfoliation, then let a purifying mask work its magic. Relish in a tension-relieving massage that melts away stress, followed by the rejuvenating touch of high-frequency therapy. Finally, hydrate and nourish your skin with our sumptuous moisturiser, leaving your back feeling refreshed, revitalised, and utterly pampered.

Treatment: 60 minutes / £60


Booty Cleanse & Glow

Elevate your lower body pampering with our Booty Cleanse & Glow treatment, tailored to rejuvenate your thighs and buttocks. Luxuriate in a deep cleanse to purify and refresh, followed by a comforting herbal steam to melt away tension. Experience the smoothing sensation of a gentle exfoliation, unveiling soft, radiant skin. Detoxify and firm with a luxurious mask and massage, designed to leave your skin toned and revitalised. Harness the power of high-frequency toning to enhance firmness and elasticity. Finally, indulge in the lavish hydration of our moisturising finale, ensuring your booty is left feeling nourished, smooth, and positively radiant.

Treatment:60 minutes / £60


Grounding Foot Ritual

Step into serenity with our Grounding Foot Ritual, a luxurious escape for your tired feet and lower legs. Begin your journey with an aromatic foot soak and scrub, revitalising and refreshing your senses. Feel tension melt away as you indulge in a heated foot mask, comforting and rejuvenating tired muscles. Surrender to deep relaxation with a soothing aromatherapy massage, enveloping your feet and lower legs in tranquility. This indulgent treatment leaves you feeling grounded, revitalised, and utterly pampered.

Treatment: 45 minutes / £45


Rest and Restore Ritual

Embark on a journey of pure bliss with our ultimate relaxation package, a dreamy combination of our full-body aromatherapy massage and a rejuvenating facial. Indulge in two hours of pampering designed to help you unwind and relax to the max.
Your experience begins with a personalised consultation to ensure your treatments are tailored to your specific needs. Then, luxuriate in the soothing touch of our bespoke aromatherapy oil blend, seamlessly integrating the benefits of both treatments into one harmonious experience.

Treatment Details:
- Full-body aromatherapy massage
- Rejuvenating facial
- Bespoke aromatherapy oil blend

120 minutes / £120


Hopi Ear Candles 

Experience soothing relief for your ears and head with Hopi Ear Candle Therapy. This gentle treatment helps reduce wax buildup, alleviate tension headaches, and ease conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat.
Each session begins with a calming candle treatment, promoting relaxation and restoring balance. Following this, indulge in a luxurious face, neck, and scalp massage designed to boost circulation, break down sinus buildup, and aid lymphatic drainage and toxin removal.
For optimal results, a course of 3-4 treatments is recommended, especially for conditions like labyrinthitis.

Treatment Details:
- Hopi ear candle therapy
- Face, neck & scalp massage

45 minutes - £35  /  Course of 4 Treatments: £120


Crystal Therapy

Immerse yourself in the gentle power of Crystal Therapy, a serene treatment that combines crystals and energy healing to harmonise your mind, body, and spirit. Ideal for those seeking a non-invasive approach to alleviate stress, anxiety, or physical discomfort, this therapy provides profound support during challenging times.
During your session, chakra-specific crystals are carefully placed to dissolve energy blockages, followed by an aura cleanse to restore peace and harmony to your body and mind. Experience the calming essence of this holistic treatment, perfect for nurturing balance and well-being.

Treatment: 60 minutes / £60


Crystal Healing Massage

Immerse yourself in tranquility with our Crystal Healing Massage, a soothing treatment designed to balance your body, aura, and spirit. Unlike traditional muscle massages, this experience focuses on calming the mind, easing stress, and restoring inner peace. A luxurious aromatherapy oil blend is used for a gentle full-body massage, followed by the placement of smooth crystals that glide over your skin with slow, rhythmic strokes and gentle pressure. The session concludes with peaceful crystal energy and frequency healing, leaving you feeling deeply calmed and harmonised in mind, body, and spirit.

Treatment: 60 minutes / £60


Treatment add ons

A little extra treat for when your regular treatment just isn't quite enough.

Soothing foot MassageA deeply relaxing & grounding combination of massage, acupressure & stretches. The gorgeous aromatherapy balm will leave your feet smelling fresh and feeling deeply moisturised.
15 minutes/ £10 
30 minutes/£20

Neck & Scalp MassageA soothing massage adapted from Indian head massage techniques. Incorporating gentle strokes, acupressure, hair pulling and stretches to ease stress & headaches and reduce tension in the neck and jaw.
15 minutes/ £10
30 minutes/£20

Facial Massage & GuaShaA deeply relaxing massage designed to boost circulation, promote lymphatic flow and encourage relaxation in the facial muscles. Calming and nurturing for the skin and the mind while bringing back your beautiful rosy glow.
15 minutes / £10
30 minutes/ £20


Wellbeing Consultations & Bespoke Blending

During your consultation, we'll create a one-of-a-kind aromatherapy plan designed just for you.Whether it's for hormone balance, menstrual comfort, stress relief, pelvic health or boosting confidence, our bespoke blends and treatments are your secret to a more empowered, holistically healthier you.For distance clients this will be in the form of product and online support. If you're more local you may like to incorporate some hands on therapy too.

Treatments in person:
60 minutes/ £60
Follow up/ £30
Online support £50 / £30 


Group Meditations: A Shared Journey to Inner Calm

There's something uniquely powerful about meditating in a group. At The Healing Hub, our group meditation sessions offer a communal space where collective energy enhances the experience of inner peace. These sessions are guided to help you navigate through various mindfulness techniques, making it easier to achieve a state of tranquility and focus. Group meditations not only reduce stress and anxiety but also foster a sense of connection and community. Join us and find solace in shared stillness, leaving each session feeling rejuvenated and more centered.

Session: 60 minutes £10


Group Energy Healing: Collective Harmony and Balance

Experience the transformative power of group energy healing at The Healing Hub. These sessions involve the collective energy of participants being harmonized and balanced through guided practices led by our experienced energy healers. Group energy healing amplifies the effects of individual healing, fostering a supportive environment where participants can experience deep relaxation and emotional release. Whether you are seeking to address specific issues or simply wish to maintain your energetic health, our group sessions provide a powerful and nurturing experience.

Session: 60 minutes / £20


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Treatment Hours:

Tuesday & Wednesday: 9.30am - 2.30pm

(A small amount of evening & weekend appointments are available by request. Please be aware these are extremely popular and run on a waiting list. If you'd like to be added to the waiting list and to be notified of any availability please ask.

Group Sessions: Wednesday evening & Friday morning



Payment methods -

Online payments including deposits are taken by card.
Any remaining balance on the day can be paid by card or cash.
As a ‘thank you’, following your sixth treatment, you will receive a £25 voucher to either use at your next appointment or pass on as a gift.


Cancellation policy -

I understand life can bring on the unexpected & sometimes things are beyond our control.
Should you need to cancel an appointment, I ask that you do so with 48 hours notice.
Any less and I will have to charge 50% of the treatment cost to cover time & expenses.
If you are running late for your appointment please let me know as soon as possible.
If you arrive late I will try to be flexible but I cannot guarantee the full treatment time, however the full charge will still be required.
Thank you for your respect and understanding.


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