About me

Hiya I'm Charlotte and I am The Holistic Mummy.  I take so much pleasure in welcoming you to my nurturing sanctuary. Here the intertwining of vulnerability and courage paves the way for profound transformation.

My journey began in my beautiful home town of Bath, where I immersed myself in the art of aromatherapy between 2004 and 2006. Over the years, I've expanded my expertise, delving deeper into feminine health and wellbeing, inspired by my own experiences with chronic ME, depression, challenging pregnancies and labors, postnatal depression, miscarriage, and the recent journey with my mother's dementia. As a mother of three beautiful girls and daughter of a holistic healer, I intimately understand the intricate dance between shadow and light, sorrow and joy.

At The Holistic Mummy, each well-being consultation transcends mere appointments; they're sacred conversations, honoring your unique path with a safe haven for truth to unfold. With compassion as our guide, we traverse the depths of your soul, gently untangling threads of pain and uncertainty.

Through the gentle alchemy of holistic practices—aromatherapy, meditation, and nurturing self-care rituals—we foster a sacred communion between mind, body, and spirit. In these moments of quiet introspection and tender self-love, healing seeds are planted, and whispers of resilience are heard.

Know that on your healing journey, you're not alone. I stand by your side, offering guidance, support, and unwavering faith in your innate capacity to heal and thrive.

Together, let us embrace the beauty of imperfections, the wisdom of wounds, and the boundless potential within each of us. Whether through bespoke blending consultations, mindfulness support, or nurturing treatments, I'm here to share the care and healing that supported me through life's challenges.

May your heart be fortified with courage, your spirit adorned with grace, and your path illuminated by the radiant light of self-discovery and healing. I'm here, ready to accompany you on this sacred pilgrimage of the soul.

Love Charlotte. Xx


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