About me

My name is Charlie and I am 'The Holistic Mummy'.
I am an aromatherapist, mother of 3 and lover of all things natural and spiritual.

I grew up with holistic therapies at the centre of family life with my aromatherapist mum, but I gained my own real passion whilst training as an aromatherapist in 2004.

After the arrival of our first daughter in 2014, I discovered a need for more natural skincare and body products, suitable for the whole family to use while promoting a positive sense of wellbeing.
Along side my mobile treatments, I started creating natural plant based products, gentle enough for baby while still being luxurious enough to give us mums a little lift.

In 2017 after a bit of a rough start to the year, experiencing miscarriage & a bout of depression, I decided it was time to really embrace my power and make a difference. 'The Holistic Mummy' was born!

Creating bespoke all natural support products, aiming not only to feed the skin but the emotional being too, through the power of essential oils and crystals, I now support women all over the country struggling with the same issues I have lived through.

Life can be a mixed bag of positive and negative experiences, but I'm proud to be able to support my clients through both. Supporting them in birth or loss, Lifting them up on the down days or helping them to celebrate the good, I'm here to gently guide them to where they want to be emotionally & physically.

All of our treatments and products use only natural and cruelty free ingredients.

We try to remain as eco-friendly as possible, ethically sourcing ingredients, and keeping our packaging as recyclable as we can.

If you would like to find out more about my treatments, services or products, send me a quick message and we'll have a chat.

Love Charlie. X