Holistic Vaginal Health Part 1 - Vaginitis

Holistic Vaginal Health Part 1 - Vaginitis

Have you ever heard of Vaginitis? Or have you maybe even been unfortunate enough to suffer with it? Sadly it surprisingly common with up to 75% of women having one bout or more in their lifetime.

Vaginitis is a general term to describe itching, soreness and swelling in and or around the vagina. It is incredibly common and there can be a number of causes.

  • Infection - May be bacterial or due to thrush. In some cases a discharge may also be present. These infections are not sexually transmitted diseases, but can be triggered by sex. If due to thrush the woman may experience additional symptoms including a white creamy discharge.
  • Sexually transmitted disease - It can also occur due to an STI. In this instance, any discharge is likely to be smelly and yellow or green rather than white discharge associated with thrush. If there is any chance it may be an STI it's worth getting a test incase medication is needed.  
  • Hormonal changes - Oestrogen levels can change due to contraception, during breastfeeding or peri/menopause. If this is the case there doesn't tend to be any discharge. The vagina is more likely to be uncomfortably dry and itchy with possible pain during intercourse.

As an aromatherapist my aim is to treat any infection and soreness, dealing with fluctuating oestrogen levels, inflammation or itchiness and to bring some relief!

When used by a professional there are so many great choices of essential oils to offer support (Palmarosa, Frankincense, Cajeput, Ho wood, Geranium, Fragonia, Tea tree, Chamomile, Lavender, Manuka, Sandalwood, Rose, Clary sage), as well as many ways to use them. So there is bound to be a support blend to fit your lifestyle.

You may prefer a bath soak, a cooling gel, a natural soothing paste or a cooling spritz for use after going to the bathroom. We will find something to suit you.

If you are struggling with discomfort in this way, reach out. You don't have to suffer silently and although natural remedies aren't always an alternative for medical treatment, they make a beautiful caring support alongside it.


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