What we've learnt from isolation

What we've learnt from isolation

In these strange and difficult times, it's easy to focus on the negatives & forget about the things we have to be grateful for.


This week I have surrendered to the feeling of not being able to do everything. It's just not possible with three of them under 6 at home 24/7, let alone with the home learning too and a pre walker. I'm just about keeping on top of the essential chores, but my dreams of further decluttering this month have been put on hold.


I have taken a very relaxed approach to the girls being at home for this extended time. We are embracing some home learning, but a lot of it is through play and day to day life. I have also let them watch films they want, have extra snacks and do what they need to feel calm and happy.
But I have been surprised at how much calmer that has made me in turn.


Without the rush of the school run in the mornings we've been able to enjoy lazy cuddles in bed. In the evening we've been able to cuddle up for family movie time and snuggles. We've made time for tea & cake breaks together, walks around the garden, picnics on the lawn and so much more.


I've felt a massive shift in my own spiritual energies & creativity, so have tried to harness a little of that for work too, making notes and plans for when things calm down. 
Yes this is a confusing time and scary in ways, but it's taught me to slow down and just be again.


We've taken this as a reminder to reconnect, slow down and become more self sufficient again. We've talked about quality of family life, living more seasonally and our hopes for the future. We've topped up the veg beds ready for planting and have planned our biggest selection of crops yet, I'm looking forward to seeing the girls excitement when it comes to harvesting.


The girls haven't asked once yet when they can go back to school, I take that as a compliment as well as reassurance that we're doing ok. I'd like to think that in the future, when they look back on this time, rather than remembering 'that scary time the virus made everyone ill and we had to stay home' that they'll remember 'that time mummy had to teach us at home and we got to play all together like it was the holidays'.


Today I am grateful to be all together and healthy.

Today I am grateful to be alive ❤


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