The Mummy Juggle

The Mummy Juggle

Nothing prepares you for the mummy juggle! Does it?

I mean you obviously know you're going to be responsible for the wellbeing of these little humans, but you somehow don't really think about how everything else fits in with the daily routine.

You're not just mummy. You're still a wife, a housekeeper, a chef and if you choose to work for yourself too... well you're a nutter! (I can say that because I'm part of that crazy group!)


So the baby isn't sleeping because... well goodness knows what it is this week!...Teething? Another cold? Growing pains? Constipation from the transition to solids? It could be anything, makes no difference though really does it. (Yep this is my life at the moment).

While surviving on the 2 hours sleep you're allowed each night by the drama above, you still need to keep on top of the house jobs, get the other little humans to school, keep them stimulated somehow when they're not and find the energy to keep your relationship alive. It's not surprising that so many women feel they're failing, and so many men feel us women don't feel the same about them anymore.


So what's the secret to being able to maintain your 'superwoman' title in all areas? 

Keep it real I guess. Do as much as can, but remember you can't always do everything. Sometimes it is too much. You will feel the need to have a good scream or cry, You'll be tempted to pour that G&T before you've got the kids to bed, You'll lose your shit a little and fight the urge to tell everyone to just leave you alone and that you're going for a bath and some peace & quiet. That's life!

We as mums need to remember this is a 24/7 job, but we can't pour from an empty cup. We need to find time to take care of us too! So run that bath, pour that drink and go and have a good cry. I keep saying it but self care is SO important! 

Things always seem worse in the winter too.
The days are darker, colder and sometimes feel like they go on forever. That makes it even more important to make the time for yourself, even if it is just through little moments.
Remember even just opening the curtains before you plan to actually get up, for a hint of sunshine and a nice long cuddle in the morning, without the craziness of the school run, somehow gives a new lease of life. Feeling frumpy or less yourself than usual, try actually talking to your other half, you may find that they get it and treat you to some new underwear to lift your mood. You'd be surprised how much they want to help you feel brighter, because how we feel effects them too.

It's important to take these moments. They're yours! You deserve them and you need them. Claim them, soak them up and remember you need to take care of you first! 

Now I'm off to pour myself another G&T while trying to ignore the state of my kitchen.

Peace & love mama. You've got this! ❤

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