New Year Resolutions, Yes or No?

New Year Resolutions, Yes or No?

With each new year comes the age old question...'So did you make any resolutions?'

Every time a new year comes, we make ourselves these promises.
'I promise to start eating healthier, going to the gym, stop wasting so much money on takeaways, maybe even book a proper holiday'. But Why do we make these promises to ourselves? Even after we fail to keep the same promises every year!

I used to love the process of writing my resolutions down, preparing a meal plan, food shopping list etc. I felt focused and ready to win, but it would only last for a few weeks before the craziness of life caught up and knocked me off course. It's only now looking back, that I realise how bad it was for my mental health.

Every year that I made these promises, although I had the greatest intentions, I was subconsciously telling myself that I had failed at all these things in the previous year/s. That's a lot of pressure to start the year on.

I didn't bother making resolutions last year, my only focus was to look after myself and keep our baby growing safely inside me. This mindset had an incredible effect on my year.
2019 for me was a year of enlightenment & spiritual reconnection. I found myself again, praised myself for my strengths and forgave my weaknesses.
We welcomed our 3rd daughter into our lives, and life surprisingly became calmer. I no longer had unrealistic expectations of myself. The need for a pristine house, to loose the baby weight, to get out to all the baby groups. With the focus solely on looking after mine and my families physical & emotional wellbeing, everything just finally slotted into place.

So today I make no new year resolutions, but I promise myself to go forth again with positivity, kindness in my heart and the passion to keep myself and family happy as well as healthy.

What about you?...
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