Return to the school routine

Return to the school routine

I've had so many clients contact me recently,  about their children having anxiety returning to the school time routine. So I thought I'd share a few tips on ways that we can make this transition easier for them.

The summer holidays have been great! We've all been having a more relaxed time, fun day trips, lazy mornings and more flexible bedtimes, but that break in routine can sometimes leave our little ones unsure and anxious, about the new routine when they go back to school.


We usually start to bring the routine back in slowly, a couple of weeks before the end of the holidays. We set the morning alarm for breakfast, still later than usual but at a structured time, and we slowly start to bring bedtimes back to a sensible time in the evening. 

Helping our kids to wind down in the evenings can be a hard task after weeks of flexibility, but these are some of our favourite ways to calm down ready for bed.

1) Calming baths - Whether you decide to use a ready made bath concoction, or to make one yourself, a relaxing bath is one of the easiest ways to wind down in the evening. We like to encourage our little ones to go around the garden and collect some herbs and flower petals before they come in, to go in their bath before bed. We find by completing this more mindful activity, it allows them to focus but in a relaxed way and prepare them mentally for the fact that we're starting to shut down for the night. You can either throw all the herbs & flower in the bath as they are, with a handful of bath salts, or you can place it all in a reusable tea bag to save you having to clean out the bath after.

2) Aromatherapy - This plays a huge part in our day to day life, as you can imagine. The girls like to use a sleep roller before bed. We allow them their own roller, so that they can apply it to their wrists, their chest, and they like to put it on their feet as well. Again this is encourages them to take a few moments to gently focus on a calming activity. They're more aware of their senses, their tiredness and their reflections on the day. 

3) Guided meditation stories - Earlier in the year we swapped out bedtime stories, for guided meditation stories. Imagine the calming feelings and visions of floating on a cloud, and being aware of each part of your body relaxing and shutting down for bed. We use a selection of stories to mix it up, so they don't get too used to the same ones. Each story is about 5 minutes long. Some evenings we need one story, some evenings we need two. Other evenings they don't go to sleep during the story but they are calmer and dosey, and will happily then just lie there and listen to music while they drift off. 


During the day we start to bring in more structured activities again. Encouraging them to draw or write a few lines about what they've done that day, reading to each other and a few hands on activities like crafting or building. We find this helps them get back into the kind of routine that will be expected of them at school.


Even with the routine returning slowly, some of my younger clients still need a little bit of help calming their nerves. Many have shared that they've found our 'Calm' roller an easy way to manage that. The blend of essential oils is well known for calming nerves, lifting the mood and increasing focus. 

If you think you may still need a little bit of natural support, please get in touch and we would love to help. 

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