Adjusting to life with 3

Adjusting to life with 3

My goodness how time is flying!
This little button is 4 months old! How did that happen.

Sorry I've been a little quiet recently, but between settling at home with an extra little one, as well as the summer holidays, it's been rather crazy!

I had the silly illusion that after 6 weeks recovering from our emergency caesarean, we'd be back to normal. Ha ha ha!

First of all...6 weeks is nothing! That may be the worst of it, but I'm only just really starting to feel myself again. No more twinges when I pick up Miss M or I, or reaching too high for something off a shelf 🙈
Second of's easy to forget about all the adjustments. Feeding complications, new sleeping routine, trying to still get out of the house on errands 😂 but I think we're getting there.

Millie went back to school this week, and Izzy started pre school for 2 1/2 days a week. So 'hopefully' things will start settling down now! (Famous last words!).

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